Saturday, September 15, 2012

lokon volcano tour and eruption 07,5 night 15 september 2012

lpkon eruption 15 september 2012 around  0 7 ,5 minute
guide jotje lala and bit eruption of lokon volcano 16 september 2012
onother eruption of lokon volcano 16 september 2012 after its big eruption 51 september 2012 phot by guide jotje lala
another eruption of lokon vocano 18 september 2012 in afternoon
lokon vocano eruption  19 september in the morning .

lokon volcano eruption again 6,30 in the morning 18 september 2012.

lokon volcano tour and its eruption 15 september 2912
guide jotje guided a couple from england and acouple from germany
tour organize onong

barre dove bird in the nest on the trekk to the crater of lokon volcano pho by guide jotje lala in 15 september 2012

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